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     The Lutheran Sports Association of Missouri is a non-profit organization and has been sponsoring annual Christian based sports competitions for Missouri Lutheran schools. Since 1999, with the first basketball tournament held in the 2000, LSAM has built a series of competitions based on the principal that all talent is a gift from God and we should use those talents to the absolute best of our ability.

    LSAM currently sponsors an annual State Volleyball Tournament (established in 2001) in the fall for girls. The State Basketball Tournament (established in 2000) is held in the winter for both boys and girls. The spring hosts the State Track Meet (established in 2003). In 2009, LSAM proudly added the State Academic Competition to the annual schedule pitting schools in academic competition.
    Sponsors assist in providing the facilities, awards/ trophies, banners, officials and structure that make the events competitive and enjoyable for the athletes as well as the families and fans.

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